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Machine Vision & CCTV Lenses

CCTV Camera Lenses for Machine Vision, FA Industrial, and Video Security

RMA Electronics, Inc. sells AZURE Photonics, Computar (CBC America), Fujinon, Goyo Optical, Kowa, Navitar, Ricoh (formerly Pentax), Schneider Optics, Senko, and Tamron (both CCTV and Photographic), as well as a few other CCTV lens manufacturers. Midwest Optical Systems is our exclusive industrial filter supplier.

Product highlights include a 10 megapixel rated series of C-Mount lenses, megapixiel (HD) vari-focal lenses with IR correction (for day/night cameras), P-Iris (motorized iris) lenses, large format F-Mount lenses for linescan and multi-megapixel cameras, and megapixel (HD) motorized zoom lenses with auto-focus feature.

Click on the manufacturer below to view the product line or call +86 130-0669-9017 today to speak with a salesperson who will find the best lens for your application.

Seiko offers wide variety of fixed focal, vari-focal, and motorized zoom lenses,as well as Pinhole Lens,
day/night(IR corrected), 1” format, fixed focal auto-iris, and vari-focal lens models.


Computar (CBC America, Inc.)offers a wide variety of fixed focal and vari-focal, as well as manual/motorized zoom lenses. Newer products include 2/3" format 5 megapixel rated C-Mount fixed focal lenses .


Fujinon offers high quality machine vision lenses, economically priced megapixel (HD) vari-focals lenses for day/night cameras, as well as "broadcast quality" motorized zoom lenses - including a 2000mm (60x) telephoto, 2 megapixel rated series.


Goyo Optical offers machine vision and CCTV lenses (including former Rainbow models) which include megapixel, day/night (IR corrected), 1” format, fixed focal auto-iris, and vari-focal lens models, as well as specialty fast aperture F0.95. 


Kowa offers wide variety of fixed focal, vari-focal, and motorized zoom lenses (some megapixel rated) - ideal for surveillance.  Product highlights include a 10 megapixel rated C-Mount series, larger format F-Mount, SWIR type, and P-Iris (motorized iris).


Navitar offers the Zoom 6000 (6.5X) Series, a modular zoom lens system that may be configured to fit nearly any application - particularly when high magnification is needed at close working distances.  Also offered is a full line of machine vision lenses.


Ricoh Security Division (formerly Pentax Imaging) offers motorized zoom models for video surveillance, including 1680mm telephoto for long-distance with PAIR feature for see-thru-fog / heat haze reduction, as well as auto-focus and image stabilization.


Schneider Optics offers very high quality lenses ideal for machine vision and high end research applications.   A complete series of visible thru near IR corrected (400-1000nm) lenses are offered, as well as very large format for linescan cameras.


Senko ADL offers high-quality, economically priced vari-focal lenses (including megapixel and IR type) for video security.  Also offered is a full line of megapixel machine vision/FA industrial lenses, as well as motorized zoom lenses. 


Tamron offers megapixel rated vari-focal and fixed focal C/CS-Mount lenses from their CCTV division, as well as larger format manual zoom lenses with F-Mount and Canon mount from their Photographic division - suitable for industrial cameras.


Theia Technologies offers ultra wide angle megapixel rated lenses with minimal distortion using their patented Linear Optical Technology® which corrects barrel distortion.


VS Technology offers a wide range of machine vision products from lenses, prisms and lightning. Including Macro, Telecentric, Line sensor, Zoom and CCTV lenses.

Calculating Lens Focal Length

1) f = v x (D/V) or 2) f = h x (D/H)


f : focal length of lens

V : Vertical field of view

H : Horizontal field of view

D : Distance from Lens to Object

v : vertical multiplier (see table below)

h : horizontal multiplier (see table below)



Camera Format1"2/3"1/2"1/3"1/4"
V 9.6 6.6 4.8 3.6 2.7
H 12.8 8.8 6.4 4.8 3.6
Camera Format1.2" (Square)1/1.8"1/2.5"CMOSIS CMV2000CMOSIS CMV4000
V 15.2 5.3 4.29 5.98 11.26
H 15.2 7.2 5.76 11.26 11.26
Camera Format4/3"43.3mm1/2.8" 1080p HD Sony IMX1361/1.2" Sony IMX1741/1.2" Sony IMX249
V 13.60 25.70 3.09 7.13 7.13
H 18.13 37.25 5.44 11.34 11.34
Camera Format1/1.8" Sony IMX2651/1.8" Sony IMX2522/3" Sony IMX2642/3" Sony IMX2501/1.9" Sony IMX185
V 5.29 5.29 7.07 7.07 4.05
H 7.07 7.07 8.45 8.45 7.2
Camera Format1.1" Sony IMX253 12.3MP    
V 10.35 ----
H 14.13 ----

Substitute these data to formula #1 above:

f = 4.8 x (2500/340) = approx. 35 mm 

Therefore, specify a 35mm lens to achieve a 340mm vertical f.o.v. from 2500mm object distance with a 1/2" format camera.

Note: f.o.v. (V or H) and object distance (D) can be in any units of measure, provided they are both the same.